Saturday, February 26, 2022

Seven books to help get through your Olympics hangover

Kathleen West’s novels have been best- books picks by Real Simple, Newsweek, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Good Morning America, and the New York Post. A schoolteacher with more than 20 years’ experience, West is particularly interested in the topics of motherhood, ambition, competitive parenting, and the elusiveness of work-life balance. Her new novel, Home Or Away, publishes in March 2022. She is a life-long Minnesotan and lives in Minneapolis with her family.

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At Lit Hub West tagged seven favorite books to help you get through your Olympic hangover, including:
Deb Caletti, A Heart in a Body in the World

Lately, when people (mostly my students, who are juniors in high school) ask me for the impossible, a title of “my favorite book,” I offer this one. It’s not a “sports book” in the traditional sense, but it is about a person coming back to herself through movement.

Something terrible has happened to Annabel, and she can’t process it. One minute, she’s eating dinner with her family, and the next, she’s running. She decides to run from Seattle to Washington D.C., and the fact that her family makes it happen for her is a testament to how much she needs it. This book is written for young adults, and I’ve thrust it into the hands of both of my teenagers at home.
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