Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Eight top seaside mysteries

Jo Jakeman was the winner of the Friday Night Live competition at the York Festival of Writing in 2016. Born in Cyprus, she worked for many years in London before moving to the countryside with her husband and twin boys.

Jakeman's new novel is Safe House.

At CrimeReads, she tagged eight favorite seaside mysteries, including:
I Found You – Lisa Jewell

I Found You was the first book I discovered by Lisa Jewell, and I quickly went away and read the rest. An artist discovers a man sitting in the rain, on a beach in Yorkshire. He has no memory, and nothing to identify him. Alice takes him into her home and tries to help him as much as she can. Someone must be missing him. But what trauma has he suffered to make him forget his own name and where he’s from? Not even he knows what he is hiding from her. Alice develops feelings for him but she doesn’t even know his name, never mind if he already had a wife and children. His history is very cleverly revealed as the story unfolds, with the beach playing a key part in the story and helping the young man reclaim his memories. Such a page turner and I loved it.
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--Marshal Zeringue