Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ten top books to read when the carnival is calling you

Steph Post is the author of A Tree Born Crooked, Lightwood, and Walk in the Fire, as well as a short story writer, reader, teacher and dog lover (among many other things...).

Her new novel is Miraculum.

At The Rumpus Post tagged ten books to read when the carnival is calling you, including:
The Changeling by Joy Williams

Reading Williams’s The Changeling may be the closest you can ever reach to stepping inside the mirrored funhouse of a fictional character’s mind. In a shadowy landscape—part seedy Americana, part Kennedy-esque Camelot, part primordial myth-making—we float along with Pearl as she drinks her way through endless days and tries to ignore the mounting anxiety growing like the ring of near-feral children who always surround her. Though punctuated with stark moments of lucidity, The Changeling is truly a beautiful nightmare exploring motherhood, womanhood, and the darker instincts bubbling up within us all.
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--Marshal Zeringue