Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ten top books about Trinidad and Tobago

Claire Adam was born and raised in Trinidad. She lives in London.

Her new novel is Golden Child.

One of Adam's ten favorite books about Trinidad and Tobago, as shared at the Guardian:
History of the People of Trinidad and Tobago by Eric Williams

Born in Trinidad in 1911 to a family of modest means, Williams excelled at school and won an island scholarship to St Catherine’s College, Oxford. He swiftly rose to the top of his class, ranking first among all Oxford history graduates in 1935. He completed a doctorate on the economics of the slave trade and then returned to Trinidad with a mission. He gave fiery open-air lectures in public squares, formed his own political party, steered the nation to independence in 1962 and became its first prime minister. This book was one of his many gifts to the newly formed nation of Trinidad and Tobago, and aimed to redress the great injustice that the people did not know their own history.
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