Sunday, November 05, 2017

Six of YAs most cutthroat heroines

At the BN Teen Blog Dahlia Adler tagged six of YAs most ruthless heroines, including:
Everyone in Tiny Pretty Things, by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton

American Ballet Conservatory! Come for the chance at a beautiful future on the stage; stay because to leave is to become a nobody. Of course, sticking it out at the ABC means sharpening all the tools in your mental arsenal, because those who aren’t the most talented dancers (and now that Gigi has arrived, that title is most taken) will do absolutely anything if it means living up to stellar older siblings (in the case of Bette) or getting to stay on stage to pursue the only passion you know (hey, June). Threatening messages and suspicious accidents are only part of what tuition pays for….
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--Marshal Zeringue