Sunday, November 12, 2017

Seven top sleuthing teens in YA fiction

At the BN Teen Blog Dahlia Adler tagged seven favorite YA sleuthing teens, including:
Fake ID, by Lamar Giles

You might think you know Nick Pearson, but that’s not even his real name. That’s what happens when you’re in the Witness Protection Program; you get a whole new identity that’s supposed to keep you safe, even when your father stays up to his old tricks. This time, Nick feels good about where he’s at, especially thanks to his new friend Eli Cruz. Then Eli turns up dead, and Nick knows it’s not the suicide the police are claiming, especially since before he died, Eli had been trying to draw Nick in to his own investigation on shady dealings. Nick’s not the only one who suspects there’s more to the story, either. He’s supposed to be staying under the radar, but with Eli’s hot sister, Reya, every bit as suspicious as he is, getting on the case is just too difficult for Nick to resist. The question is, will he make it out alive?
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Fake ID is among Dahlia Adler's seven awesome diverse YA thrillers and Sarah Skilton's top eight YA books with villainous parents.

My Book, The Movie: Fake ID by Lamar Giles.

The Page 69 Test: Fake ID.

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