Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The twenty best memoirs written by musicians

At Paste magazine Dan Holmes tagged the twenty best memoirs written by musicians, including:
Life by Keith Richards

An interesting life is not guaranteed to yield an interesting memoir. Fortunately, with Life, Keith Richards provides as lucid and entertaining an account of his remarkable ride with the Rolling Stones as anyone could hope for. The guy’s done everything and it’s all here: the songwriting, the trappings of fame, the hard drugs and the legal problems they created, the premature deaths of friends like Brian Jones and Gram Parsons, his bumpy relationship with Mick, his fondness for his family and the Caribbean. He may have seen it all, but Richards is never cavalier about the music that brought him on his inimitable journey.
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Life is among Ginni Chen's top six books that destroyed real life friendships and Claire Zulkey's five top books "written by folks more famous for rocking out."

--Marshal Zeringue