Saturday, July 08, 2017

What is Patrick Dacey reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Patrick Dacey, author of The Outer Cape: A Novel.

His entry begins:
Right now I’m about half way through Anne Enright’s The Green Road. I don’t know why I had never read her before, but that’s the joy in this life, constant discovery. I finished The Gathering last year, and bought this one soon after. This is why I love writing and reading words and lives, over any other form of art. Story never dies, never fades. Enright’s work reads like...[read on]
About The Outer Cape, from the publisher:
A piercing and compassionate debut novel about how the new generations atone for the sins of the old in small-town America

Robert and Irene Kelly were a golden couple of the late ‘70s—she an artist, he a businessman, each possessed by dynamism and vibrancy. But with two young boys to care for, Irene finds herself confined by the very things she’d dreamed of having. And Robert, pressured by Irene’s demands and haunted by the possibility of failure, risks the family business to pursue a fail-safe real estate opportunity.

Twenty years later, their now-grown sons, Nathan and Andrew, are drawn back to confront a fateful diagnosis. As they revisit the Cape Cod of their childhood, the ghosts of the past threaten to upend the tenuous peace of the present.

In The Outer Cape, Patrick Dacey delivers a story of four people grappling with the shadow of infinite possibility, a book in which chasing the American dream and struggling to survive are one and the same.
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