Monday, May 16, 2016

What is Suzanne Myers reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Suzanne Myers, author of I'm From Nowhere.

Her entry begins:
I read constantly. Possibly too much. I often think I should slow down and take longer breaks between books, but I can’t seem to stop myself. I read a lot of YA, both contemporary and classic, and a lot of literary fiction, also contemporary and classic. I’m a terrible non-fiction reader. And I have to be basically obsessed with someone to read his or her biography. Right now, the Joan Didion biography, The Last Love Song, is on my nightstand, and she definitely qualifies.

The most recent YA novel I read was...[read on]
About I'm From Nowhere, from the publisher:
A few weeks into her sophomore year at Ventura High School in California, all that hanging around is about to come to an end for Wren Verlaine. It’s always been just Wren and her mother, Hannah. But when Hannah receives a reporting assignment in Greenland for six months, Wren is shipped off to Hardwick Hall: Hannah’s alma mater back East, which she’s refused to discuss for as long as Wren can remember.

Wren tries to befriend her suitemate, Honor, but Honor looks right through her as if she isn’t there. At least Wren finds an escape in hanging out with cute rowers, like the adorably crinkly eyed Nick, or in riding horses, which she discovers she loves. She finds her niche in the campus’s underground music scene with Chazzy, a darkly hilarious fellow musician. But soon clues begin appearing about the darkest secret her mother ever kept, and the revelation that follows brings Wren and Honor crashing back together, threatening the lives they’ve started to build — perhaps forever.
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Writers Read: Suzanne Myers.

--Marshal Zeringue