Sunday, May 15, 2016

Five top addictive books featuring sci-fi drugs

Chris Howard was born and raised in England, and it was there he first began writing stories and songs. He now lives in Denver, Colorado, where he and his wife enjoy mountains, music, and mugs of good coffee. He is the author of Night Speed, as well as the Rootless trilogy.

One of Howard's top five addictive books featuring sci-fi drugs, as shared at
Sleepless by Charlie Huston

A new disease makes it impossible for the afflicted to fall asleep in this apocalyptic near-future novel. Many of the sleepless have become addicted to computer games, losing themselves in an alternate reality in which insomnia is a virtue. Others seek “dreamer,” a rare drug that works as an antidote to the sickness. In Los Angeles, Parker Haas (whose wife and daughter are slowly dying from the sleepless disease) works undercover to find supplies of “dreamer,” before drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies can corner the market for the drug. The stakes keep escalating in this brilliant piece of speculative fiction filtered through a grimy noir lens.
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--Marshal Zeringue