Thursday, April 21, 2016

What is Hilary Green reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Hilary Green, author of Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865-1890.

Her entry begins:
Ku-Klux: The Birth of the Klan During Reconstruction by Elaine Parsons.

Well-researched, compelling, and non-glorifying of a violent organization, this monograph critically looks at the organization’s origins, effects on local communities, and its legacy for the nation. It is a well-needed critical reassessment on the Ku Klux Klan and the violence of Reconstruction. Moreover, it helps to explain how the idea of the Ku-Klux...[read on]
About Educational Reconstruction, from the publisher:
Tracing the first two decades of state-funded African American schools, Educational Reconstruction addresses the ways in which black Richmonders, black Mobilians, and their white allies created, developed, and sustained a system of African American schools following the Civil War.

Hilary Green proposes a new chronology in understanding postwar African American education, examining how urban African Americans demanded quality public schools from their new city and state partners. Revealing the significant gains made after the departure of the Freedmen’s Bureau, this study reevaluates African American higher education in terms of developing a cadre of public school educator-activists and highlights the centrality of urban African American protest in shaping educational decisions and policies in their respective cities and states.
Hilary N. Green is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender and Race Studies at the University of Alabama.

Learn more about Educational Reconstruction at the Fordham University Press website.

Writers Read: Hilary Green.

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