Sunday, April 10, 2016

Karen Odden's "A Lady in the Smoke," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: A Lady in the Smoke: A Victorian Mystery by Karen Odden.

The entry begins:
There were times when I was so lost in writing A Lady in the Smoke that I felt as though I were watching a movie and merely writing down what was happening on screen. For example, the day I was writing the first confrontation between Lady Elizabeth and Tom Flynn—when he thinks she’s an earl’s daughter, flirting with Mr. Wilcox out of narcissistic boredom, and she assumes he’s an unethical newspaperman intent on digging up dirt to sell papers—I could see her hands tugging on her shawl and watch the changing shape of his mouth; I could hear their words and the tones in their voices. They did everything; I just wrote it down. So although it sounds like a complete fantasy to have this book turn into a movie, I guess it’s been in previews for a while, in my head.

There are so many talented British actresses who might play my heroine Lady Elizabeth Fraser—but I think I’d pick Emma...[read on]
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