Friday, March 25, 2016

Ten of the more embarrassing parents in books

Anna Wilson's newest book is The Parent Problem. At the Guardian, Wilson tagged her top ten embarrassing parents in books, including:
My So-Called Life by Joanna Nadin

Rachel Riley is most definitely of the same opinion as Clarice Bean when it comes to wishing she had someone else’s parents; her best friend Scarlet’s, to be precise. Whereas Scarlet’s parents are cool and relaxed and talk openly about sex with their daughter, Rachel’s are repressed, mean and will not let her even have a mobile phone as it will “fry her brain” and thinks that children should “not be exposed to karaoke or E-numbers”. Rachel yearns to break free from the tyranny of her boring annoying parents. And I have to say, the way she paints them, I don’t blame her!
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--Marshal Zeringue