Friday, March 11, 2016

Six of the best political sci-fi novels

At the B & N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Andrew Liptak tagged six top works of political science fiction, including:
Up Against It, by M.J. Locke

In one sense, M.J. Locke’s debut novel is a race-against-time thriller, as the inhabitants of Phoecea, a remote human colony built into an asteroid struggle to contain the destruction caused by the infantile thrashings of a newly emergent artificial intelligence. But on a macro level, the story is about how much work it takes behind-the-scenes to get entrenched political systems to act in their own best interests—even to literally save their own skins. Jane Navio is the outpost’s resource manager, and though she’s the only one who realizes the extent of the danger the population is in, she has an extraordinarily difficult time convincing others of what needs to be done, and must use every ounce of political savvy she has to finesse the right egos and convince the right committees to act…before Phoeccea is just another dead rock floating out in space.
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--Marshal Zeringue