Friday, January 29, 2016

What is Adrian Magson reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Adrian Magson, author of The Locker: A Novel of Suspense.

His entry begins:
I recently caught up with one of my favourite authors – Martin Cruz Smith (Gorky Park and others and his character Arkady Renko), and read Tatiana, which I’d been meaning to get hold of for a while.

This time the put-upon and world-weary Russian investigator is looking into the apparent suicide of a young reporter, Tatiana Petrovna, and the murder of a billionaire mob leader.

Renko senses there must be a connection, and his persistent digging, in spite of his boss’s seeming scepticism, leads him to Kaliningrad, where another death has taken place.

The cast of characters is, as always, fascinating. Apart from Renko himself, and the various villains...[read on]
About The Locker, from the publisher:
Hello, Nancy.

You’re at your usual locker at Fitness Plus. The time is 09:15.

Your cell phone is dead, your home phone won’t answer and your daughter, Beth, is home with the nanny.

It will take you 18 minutes to get home. If you drive fast.

Shame. You’re already 18 minutes late...

The kidnappers' only stipulation is that Nancy must tell her husband, Michael.

Her only problem is, she doesn’t know where he is. But she recalls him mentioning a number she should call if anything unusual happens. This triggers a Code Red at specialist security company Cruxys Solutions, who send investigators Ruth Gonzales and Andy Vaslik to track him down.

But they can't find a single trace of him.

What do you do when a child’s life depends on finding a man who doesn't seem to exist?
Learn more about the book and author at Adrian Magson's website.

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