Thursday, October 08, 2015

What is Chris Knopf reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Chris Knopf, author of Cop Job.

His entry begins:
No matter how much praise some books receive, sometimes I feel it’s not enough. When the trailers for the movie version of Gone Girl started showing up, I grabbed a copy of the book, knowing that unavoidable spoilers were heading my way. My expectations were fairly neutral, being naturally inured to popular opinion, yet after only a few pages, I was stunned at how good the book was.

Let me count the ways: The prose seems effortless, beguiling in it’s seeming earnestness and sincerity. Amy is at once sophisticated and naïve, observant, coolly funny and deliriously in love. Even without the spoilers, I knew no good would come of this idyllic circumstance, which only made Amy’s...[read on]
About Cop Job, from the publisher:
It's bad enough when someone you know is brutally murdered, it's worse when the guy was a paranoid schizophrenic helplessly bound to a wheelchair. Sam Acquillo and Jackie Swaitkowski tried to look after Alfie Aldergreen, as had others around the Village of Southampton, but now they were forced to wonder, what else could they have done?

One thing is for certain, Alfie's killers are about to know what it means to murder a friend of Sam, former corporate troubleshooter, former professional boxer and all-around ornery bull dog, and Jackie, a defense lawyer often described as an avenging angel.

This sixth installment in the Sam Acquillo Hamptons Mystery series brings back Knopf's ensemble of famously eccentric and involving characters, not the least of which is Sam's mutt Eddie Van Halen. Not just a crime story, it examines the fraught intersection of wealth, culture, politics and the ravages of an ugly war. Combine beautiful watery settings with a unique look into the underbelly of the Hamptons, it's a mystery you won't find anywhere else.
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