Friday, October 23, 2015

Ten top books about adoption

The UK-based Coram children’s charity collected ten top books about adoption, all suggested and reviewed by adopted children and teens, including:
Nutmeg Gets Adopted by Judith Foxon

The story of a small red squirrel, Nutmeg, and his younger sister and brother who go through the process of separation, foster care and then going to live with a new, adopted family when their mother is unable to look after them and keep them safe.

“I read this when I was over 5. I liked this book because I could relate to it in a number of ways and that I felt somebody else understood me even if it was just a squirrel in a book. I liked the owl in the forest best when I was younger as he symbolised being a judge which allowed Nutmeg to be adopted by his new parents. And for me that was important. I identified with Nutmeg the most as I felt he knew just what I had been through when I was younger and that he ended up being in a happy family like I did.

All the issues they talked about in the book I pretty much experienced too such as not having a safe home to live in and not enough food etc.” - Kelsey, 17
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--Marshal Zeringue