Sunday, May 10, 2015

Five top platonic boy-girl friendships in YA literature

One title on Melissa Albert's list of five favorite platonic boy-girl friendships in YA literature, as shared on the B & N Teen Blog:
Kissing Ted Callahan (And Other Guys), by Amy Spalding

Riley and Reid are more likely to inhale pastrami sandwiches together than to kiss (and, for that matter, more likely to high-five than hug), and just because their bandmates are hooking up doesn’t mean they will. In fact, when they discover the illicit relationship between their friends Lucy and Nathan, they rebound by embarking on a love quest of their own: they make a pact to pursue love (or at the very least, makeouts), to record all their experiences in a notebook, and to help each other along the way. Kisses, crushes, fights, and a battle for the heart of geeky Ted Callahan ensue, with nary a charged glance between Riley and Reid. Because they’re JUST FRIENDS.
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--Marshal Zeringue