Monday, May 25, 2015

Coffee with a canine: Michael Harwood & Reggie

Featured at Coffee with a Canine: Michael Harwood & Reggie.

The author, on how Reggie got his name:
We named him after Reggie Kray one half of the Kray twins, the notorious London gangsters of the 1960’s. We thought we might get another Frenchie and call him Ronnie after the other twin...[read on]
About Michael Harwood's novel, Manservant:
In this bitingly witty, saucy, acutely observed debut novel, Michael Harwood pulls back the damask drapes to reveal life among the modern aristocracy--upstairs, downstairs, and occasionally, behind stairs...

Anthony Gowers assists guests at a high-end London hotel with the kind of requests that can't be filled from a room-service menu. His reward: lavish tips and a closet full of cashmere. Then a client's after-hours entertainment ends in a tabloid scandal, and Anthony quickly becomes the city's best-dressed unemployed person...

In desperation, Anthony takes a position in the countryside as personal butler to Lord Shanderson. As a former Royal footman, Anthony is well versed in the peerage's peculiar ways. But Castle Beadale conceals an abundance of intrigue behind its stately doors. On the surface, Lord Shanderson is a model English gentleman--with a few personal interests that Anthony is sure the absent Lady Shanderson knows nothing about. But when the horrendously high-maintenance Lady Shanderson returns, tempers will flare, secrets will be exposed, and Anthony must decide whether the perks of privilege he's enjoyed are worth the price he's compelled to pay...
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Coffee with a Canine: Michael Harwood & Reggie.

--Marshal Zeringue