Sunday, January 11, 2015

What is Jo Perry reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Jo Perry, author of Dead is Better.

Her entry begins:
I read very little when I am engrossed in writing. Then, when the writing is complete, I binge on books.That might explain why I am half-way through a number of terrific books. Some fiction. Some non-fiction:

Roy Edroso's novel, Morgue for Whores, has a dark and hilarious opening involving a help-desk worker who wakes up to find dead people in his apartment. I can't wait to see how the help-desk guy figures out how to help himself, but I suspect things will get much worse before they...[read on]
About Dead is Better, from the publisher:
Death is just the beginning for Charles Stone and the dog he names Rose.

When Charles finds himself in the afterlife with bullets in his chest and a strange dog at his side, he resolves to return to the world of the living to find out who killed him and why. His search takes him to L.A.'s Skid Row and beyond. Charles learns some uncomfortable truths about death and life, and uncovers a cruel crime in progress that me must stop before it is too late.
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