Saturday, January 17, 2015

Five top books of sea and sand

At B & N Reads Ellen Wehle tagged five books to whisk us away to sunny vistas and ocean-swept sands, including:
What I Had Before I Had You, by Sarah Cornwell

“I am floating on my back out past the farthest buoy. If I turn my head, I can see the beach…The world appears and vanishes, is and isn’t.” Olivia’s mother has always claimed Olivia’s twin sisters were dead, but one day at the beach she sees them swim by: two redheaded girls she knows instinctively. Twenty years later, broke and divorced, Olivia returns to the Jersey Shore with her own children in tow. Then her son vanishes from her side, sparking memories of the fateful summer she set out to find the truth about the twins and almost tore her family apart in the process.
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The Page 69 Test: What I Had Before I Had You.

--Marshal Zeringue