Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Washington Post's top five science fiction/fantasy books of 2014

Nancy Hightower tagged the Washington Post's five best science fiction/fantasy books of 2014, including:
by Stephanie Feldman (Ecco)

Marjorie, the heroine of Feldman’s fantastical novel, must unravel a bizarre warning from her grandfather on his deathbed: “He’s coming for me. Then he’s coming for you.” Marjorie gathers clues, including her grandfather’s notebook — part diary, part story about the White Rebbe (a powerful, miracle-performing rabbi) and the Angel of Losses (guardian of the missing letter of the alphabet that completes the secret name of God) — while she’s being followed by an old man who offers similar warnings and an amulet of protection. Myth and reality soon collide in this imaginative first novel that blends Jewish folklore, history and theology into a gripping tale.
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The Angel of Losses made Nicole Hill's list of five of the best new girl-powered sci-fi and fantasy novels.

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