Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ten top Norwegian books available in English translation

Dea Brøvig is the author of The Last Boat Home.

One of her top ten Norwegian books available in English translation, as shared at the Guardian:
Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson (translated by Anne Born)

After suffering a personal tragedy, Trond retreats from the world, until a chance encounter sets him off into memory. In 1948, during a summer spent with his father in the countryside near the Swedish border, the 15-year-old Trond follows his friend into a field to steal horses, unaware of a shooting accident that has left a young boy dead. A tale of Norway during and after the second world war, of innocence lost and families destroyed, Petterson's portrayal of rural life is mesmerising, as is his pitch-perfect prose.
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Out Stealing Horses is among a top ten list of books written by librarians and the 20 most loaned books in Norway's libraries in 2008.

Read Ray Taras' review of Out Stealing Horses.

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