Monday, May 13, 2013

What is Sheri Joseph reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Sheri Joseph, author of Where You Can Find Me.

Her entry begins:
I almost never get to pick up a book by choice. Even on leave from teaching this semester, I’m still buried under a mound of graduate theses, stories for Five Points, books I’ve been asked to blurb, etc.. But on the other side of that, I presently have the rare luxury of choosing some of my own reading. These books I’ve sorted into two main stacks.

One stack is novels written by friends of mine that are being published near the same time as my own. I read very slowly, but of the ones I’ve gotten to, three have made me envious. Allison Amend’s A Nearly Perfect Copy is a page-turner about art forgery and human cloning. It’s one of those books that provides an education in its topics while following terrific characters through...[read on]
About Where You Can Find Me, from the publisher:
A searing exploration of a family’s struggle to heal in the wake of unthinkable tragedy

A week after his eleventh birthday, Caleb Vincent vanishes with hardly a trace. After a three-year search, he is found living a seemingly normal life under a new name with a man he calls his father.

While outwardly stunned with joy at his safe recovery, Caleb's parents and sister are privately scrambling to gather together the pieces of a shattered family. To escape the relentless media attention surrounding her son’s return, Caleb’s mother, Marlene, decides to flee the country and seek refuge in Costa Rica with Caleb and his younger sister, against her estranged husband's wishes. There Marlene forms a makeshift household with her husband’s expat mother and his charming, aimless older brother, all residing in a broken-down hotel perched at the blustery apex of the continental divide. In the clouds of their new home, the mystery of Caleb’s time gone unfolds while new dangers threaten to pull him back toward his former life.

Where You Can Find Me, a darkly incandescent novel that progresses with page-turning suspense, is sure to establish award-winning author Sheri Joseph as a household name.
Learn more about the book and author at Sheri Joseph's blog and Twitter perch.

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--Marshal Zeringue