Monday, May 20, 2013

What is Dennis Palumbo reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Dennis Palumbo, author of Night Terrors.

His entry begins:
As it happens, I’m reading two completely engrossing books at the moment, neither of which bears any similarity to the other.

The first is a terrific, intriguing and psychologically astute novel by Dan Chaon called Await Your Reply. It’s hard to define exactly, though, having just finished it, I guess I’d call it a literary thriller. More importantly, it’s a beautifully complex meditation on the illusion of personal identity, and how today’s technology can play havoc with that particular concept. Though it’s a publishing cliché, there’s no disputing that in this well-plotted novel, nothing and no one is...[read on]
About Night Terrors, from the publisher:
After twenty years spent inside the heads of the nation’s worst serial killers, retired FBI profiler Lyle Barnes is falling apart mentally. Psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi thinks he can help Barnes through his terrible night visions. Barnes, however, is also the target of an unknown assassin whose mounting list of victims paralyzes the city and lands Lyle in protective custody. When Barnes flies the coop, he draws Daniel and the joint FBI-Pittsburgh PD Task Force into a desperate manhunt.

Meanwhile, a secondcase competes for Daniel’s attention. The mother of a youthful confessed killer awaiting trial is convinced that her son is innocent and appeals to Daniel for help. Against his better judgment, he becomes involved, and soon suspects that much about the case is not as it appears.

Daniel is faced with a number of questions. Can he and the law officials find the missing Barnes before the killer does? Will the danger closing in around him begin to affect his personal life, such as his deepening relationship with Detective Eleanor Lowrey? And are these two seemingly unconnected cases somehow linked?
Learn more about the book and author at Dennis Palumbo's website.

My Book, The Movie: Night Terrors.

Writers Read: Dennis Palumbo.

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