Monday, January 21, 2013

Coffee with a canine: Nicole J. Georges & Beija

The current featured duo at Coffee with a Canine: Nicole J. Georges & Beija.

The artist, on how she and Beija were united:
I got Beija for my high school boyfriend when I was 16. I got a job at Toys R Us to afford a dog (fun fact: in 1997, minimum wage in Kansas was about $3.75 I think?), and got her from a run-down shelter in Kansas City, Kansas, where she exhibited all the qualities dog books tell you to avoid in a shelter dog. She was in the back of her kennel, scared and huddled, but when I talked to her, her tail started thumping against the metal walls. I took her out for a walk and her ears inflated, and I knew I needed to get her! Also, they said she was part dachshund, which was a lie, but it worked.

My boyfriend's family changed their minds at the last minute (about allowing their son to have a dog), and...[read on]
About Nicole Georges's Calling Dr. Laura, from the publisher:
When Nicole Georges was two years old, her family told her that her father was dead. When she was twenty-three, a psychic told her he was alive. Her sister, saddled with guilt, admits that the psychic is right and that the whole family has conspired to keep him a secret. Sent into a tailspin about her identity, Nicole turns to radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger for advice.

Packed cover-to-cover with heartfelt and disarming black-and-white illustrations, Calling Dr. Laura tells the story of what happens to you when you are raised in a family of secrets, and what happens to your brain (and heart) when you learn the truth from an unlikely source. Part coming-of-age and part coming-out story, Calling Dr. Laura marks the arrival of an exciting and winning new voice in graphic literature.
Learn more about the book and artist at the official Nicole J. Georges website, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter perch.

Read--Coffee with a canine: Nicole J. Georges & Beija.

--Marshal Zeringue