Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ten top Christmas romance novels

Anne Browning Walker is the author of the contemporary romance novel, The Booby Trap.

She named her ten best Christmas romance novels for Publishers Weekly. One title on the list:
Holiday in Death by JD Robb

Some readers may know JD Robb better as Nora Roberts, the wildly successful author of many romances. Roberts also writes a series (In Death) under the pen name JD Robb, which takes place more than 40 years in the future, featuring murder cop Eve Dallas and con-turned-billionaire Roarke. Holiday in Death revolves around a serial killer and his use of the “12 Days of Christmas” imagery. Another departure from traditional Christmas fare, this novel kept me turning the page to watch Eve Dallas catch the bad guy, all while grumping about holiday shopping for too many friends. Solving a murder and finding thoughtful gifts? That’s inspirational!
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--Marshal Zeringue