Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is Derek Haas reading?

Today's featured contributor at Writers Read: Derek Haas, author of Dark Men.

His entry begins:
I've been all over the place with my reading this winter. First, I picked up Brown's Requiem by James Ellroy, because it was his first novel and it was .99 on Amazon as an e-read. Living in Los Angeles and an avid golfer, I dug the LA-centric references and appreciated the book's dark twists. He's done better work since, but it was a good beginning.

Then I read Charles...[read on]
About Dark Men, from the publisher:
Columbus has retired. Or so he thinks. He and his lover, Risina, a mysterious rare-book dealer, have fled to a tiny Italian coastal village where no one knows their names. And yet Columbus has trouble letting go.

His paranoia is justified when one day, he notices a suspicious man following him, and within days, he's back in Chicago trying to figure out why his old fence has been kidnapped and maybe even killed. The ransom note left behind demands Columbus by name.

The Silver Bear must now sever this last link with his dark past if he and Risina are to ever have hope at a new life. Yet Risinia seems to show a remarkable knack for the kill herself…and perhaps there won't be a chance for turning back.
Learn more about Dark Men at Derek Haas's website.

Derek Haas is the author of the bestselling novel The Silver Bear. He also co-wrote the screenplays for 3:10 to Yuma, starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, and Wanted, starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, and Angelina Jolie. His forthcoming film, The Double, starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace, is directed by his screenwriting partner Michael Brandt and will be released in 2011.

My Book, The Movie: Dark Men.

Writers Read: Derek Haas.

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