Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Joyce & Jim Lavene's "A Spirited Gift," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: A Spirited Gift by Joyce and Jim Lavene.

The entry begins:
I can see the cast and crew walking up the red carpet now with dozens of reporters asking questions. It was tough choosing who would be in the movie since dozens of really famous movie stars were begging to be a part of the production. Fortunately, the producers let me make that decision since I know best.

For the lead role of psychic mayor Dae O’Donnell, Natalie Portman was my top choice. She’s a little thinner than Dae but she gained a few pounds for the role and she was fine.

For her love interest and psychic handler, ex-FBI agent Kevin Brickman could only be played by Robert...[read on]
Joyce and Jim Lavene are really two people who write together, not just one disguising herself with two names. They have had over 50 books published.

Learn more about the authors and their work at Joyce and Jim Lavene's website and the Carolina Conspiracy blog.

My Book, The Movie: Ghastly Glass.

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My Book, The Movie: A Spirited Gift.

--Marshal Zeringue