Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A reading list on grammar

At the Independent Alice-Azania Jarvis compiled a brief reading list on grammar, including the novel:
Ulysses by James Joyce

Playing with the boundaries of what is grammatically correct, Joyce departs from normal convention to experiment with stream of consciousness, vocabulary, and creative punctuation.
Read about a work of humor on the list.

Ulysses is on the list of George Vecsey's six favorite books, Nina MacLaughlin's top ten list of dirty old (literary) men, John Mullan's lists of the ten of the best parodies, ten of the best Hamlets in literature, ten of the best visits to the lavatory, and ten of the best vegetables in literature. Unsurprisingly, it appears on Frank Delaney's top ten list of Irish novels and five best list of books about Ireland.

--Marshal Zeringue