Monday, March 07, 2011

What is Imogen Robertson reading?

Today's featured contributor at Writers Read: Imogen Robertson, author of Instruments of Darkness.

Her entry begins:
I always have several books on the go at once. Some I will be reading for research, others for stimulation, others for pure pleasure. Here are some of the books which are open on the desk as I write, or in the pile by my reading chair in the living room.

I’m currently deep into Behind Closed Doors by Amanda Vickery. She’s without doubt one of the best historians of the Georgian age, and her work particularly fascinates me because she concentrates of the day to day lives of ordinary people, their domestic duties and concerns. It is that sort of social history I’ve always loved, rather than a timeline of battles and kings. She has found some amazing sources and used them to great effect so, more than anything, you get a sense of individual people, their voices and their lives. Just the sort of thing you need if...[read on]
Among the early praise for Instruments of Darkness:
"Poetic, enchanting, and chillingly memorable. Imogen Robertson is an exquisite writer, and this is an extraordinary thriller"
--Tess Gerritsen

"For us voracious historical mystery readers, it feels like striking gold to discover a thriller that features characters who are smart and independent yet not jarringly modern—better yet if it's the first in a series. Reader, I have found one: Instruments of Darkness by Imogen Robertson, in which Jane Eyre meets Sherlock Holmes, circa the late 1700s. ... Aside from the wonderfully gothic elements, what makes this such a pleasure to read are the two amateur detectives, the solitary yet ahead-of-his-time doctor and the spirited and intelligent neighbor, Mrs. Westerman."
--Publishers Weekly

"Robertson has a wicked way with suspense and vividly portrays the era's grim anarchy that seethed in England's back alleys.A ripping homage to Dickens, Austen and Conan Doyle, 'Instruments of Darkness' will keep you up at night, and then, like me, waiting for the sequel."
--Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times

"'Instruments of Darkness' is a thoroughly engaging novel, with rich prose and an intricate, suspenseful plot, with melodramatic, Gothic touches in perfect keeping with the historical period. Robertson writes with such a lively, light touch that the grisly mystery never feels overwhelmingly dark or heavy."
--Michelle Wiener, Associated Press
Learn more about the book and author at Imogen Robertson's website and blog.

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