Monday, March 14, 2011

Coffee with a canine: Tawna Fenske & Bindi

Today's featured guests at Coffee with a Canine: Tawna Fenske and Bindi.

Fenske, on how she and Bindi were united:
Our twelve-year-old Akita/Shepherd cross died suddenly of an undetected bleeding tumor, leaving us completely devastated and our elderly Aussie mix confused and lonely.

Our vet recommended a companion for the elderly dog, so we found Bindi through a local rescue group. Like most Kelpies, she instantly knew what her “job” was. We’d go for hikes with the elderly dog (who was deaf and mostly blind) and Bindi instinctively knew to keep track of him and herd him back when he wandered off.

She’s also one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever known, and takes snuggling duty very seriously. When the elderly dog...[read on]

Fenske is an author with three quirky romantic comedies scheduled for release from Sourcebooks, Inc. starting August 2, 2011.

Visit Tawna Fenske's website and blog.

Read--Coffee with a Canine: Tawna Fenske and Bindi.

--Marshal Zeringue