Friday, April 16, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Lisa Peet & Dorrie

This weekend's featured couple at Coffee with a Canine: Lisa Peet & Dorrie.

Peet, on how she and Dorrie were united:
In October, 2005 I was still deep in mourning over my beloved Jack Russell Milo, who had died suddenly in July. I was in no emotional shape to adopt a new dog, but for some reason I found myself on one day and I saw that face—it was like she spoke to me. She was advertised as a local dog and we were all set to go meet her, but it turned out she was in Little Rock, Arkansas. If we were willing to adopt her sight unseen they would truck her up.

What can I say? As far as I was concerned, her sweet puppy face told me everything I needed to know. And likewise, although we were supposed to have a home visit to verify our suitability as dog owners, that month it poured nonstop and the rescue organization woman kept having to cancel. Eventually I ended up meeting her in a midtown bar after work, where I showed her photos of the late Milo—everyone always called him the happiest dog they’d ever met, and it showed—and we had a few drinks, cried over him, and ended up tipsy at PetSmart, buying a dog bed. I passed my inspection.

A couple of weeks later...[read on]
Lisa Peet is a writer, editor, artist, specialty baker, and the proprietor of the literary blog Like Fire.

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--Marshal Zeringue