Monday, April 05, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Deborah Batterman & Maggie

The current featured couple at Coffee with a Canine: Deborah Batterman & Maggie.

Batterman, on how they were united:
My daughter, grown now and living in L.A., had been pleading with us for a dog. All those friends getting puppies and kittens, why couldn’t she have one too? So my husband and I relented. Did I know that, for all the wishing and whining on the child’s part, it would be Mother, archetypically speaking, who would train and feed the dog? Of course. Did I care? Obviously not. The deal was this – we had to rescue one from a shelter. So we went to two different shelters. It was love at first sight once Sara spotted Maggie. My own choice was Freckles, a little more well behaved, even if her eyes were two different colors. We went home with Maggie, almost a year old at the time. That was twelve years ago. The rest is...[read on]
Deborah Batterman is the author of Shoes Hair Nails, published by Uccelli Press.

Her stories have appeared in anthologies as well as various print and online journals, including
Many Mountains Moving, Sistersong, Dunes Review, The MacGuffin, The Alsop Review, three candles, Standards: The International Journal of Multicultural Studies, Prose Toad, and The Potomac.

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--Marshal Zeringue