Friday, November 06, 2009

Coffee with a canine: Monica Holloway & Buddy and Leo Henry

This weekend's featured foursome at Coffee with a Canine: Monica Holloway, who is joined by her son Wills and the golden retrievers Buddy and Leo Henry.

Holloway, on her new book:
I just launched my favorite book I’ve written so far, Cowboy & Wills, about my son Wills, who has autism, and his remarkable golden retriever, Cowboy. (Cowboy Carol Lawrence, to be exact. Wills is very specific when he names his animals.) The book takes place when Wills is between six and eight years old.

Unfortunately, Cowboy develops Canine Lupus and only lives for two and a half years. But for having such a devastatingly short life, it is a BIG life.

The book follows the story of how Cowboy changes Wills’s life forever and the “miracles that continue, long after there is no one to toss the ball to.”

Cowboy was an incredibly generous, wonder of a dog, who we’ll miss for the rest of our lives.
About Buddy and Leo Henry:
These two goldens are the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. They love everyone, and, it seems, most everyone loves them right back. They are so generous—always wanting to please! And they are so much fun! I spend most of my day laughing, covered in dog hair, as they roll around right on top of wherever I’m working or sitting. And Buddy snores, which I adore, and Wills says that Leo has an overbite. (And he...[read on]
Among the early praise for Cowboy & Wills:
"A boy and his dog -- that is sacred stuff. Layer onto that autism and the singular love of a mother and you've got the makings for deeply worthwhile reading. Monica Holloway is any one of us, doubled over with hope and pain and wishing."
--Kelly Corrigan, New York Times bestselling author of The Middle Place
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--Marshal Zeringue