Monday, August 17, 2009

Coffee with a canine: Randy Sue Coburn & Binx

The current feature at Coffee with a canine: Randy Sue Coburn & Binx.

I sent some questions to author Randy Sue Coburn about her coffee date with her terrier Binx and she turned the task of answering them--in essay form--to the dog. Read all about it.

Binx, named for the narrator of Walker Percy's The Moviegoer, claims to be an inspiration for a character in Coburn's new novel:
Not to brag, but one of the most interesting characters in her new book, "A Better View of Paradise," is a border terrier named Pip, who is a thinly disguised version of me. He performs some of my most clever tricks, like fetching toys by name and walking on his hind legs for treats. Whenever the other characters in this book get all torqued out by human problems, Pip is there to remind them of what really matters—food and love. I don’t mind being fictionalized. But even if I did, well, let’s just say it would be difficult for me to prove libel.
Read more about the book and author at Randy Sue Coburn's website.

See--Coffee with a canine: Randy Sue Coburn & Binx.

--Marshal Zeringue