Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is Stuart Woods reading?

Stuart Woods is the author of over thirty novels. His latest is Beverly Hills Dead.

He talked to the Christian Science Monitor about his recent movie viewing and what he's been listening to.

And what he's been reading:
I've just begun to read both Noël Coward's letters and Arthur Schlesinger's journal. I read [Schlesinger's] Kennedy book, "A Thousand Days," many years ago, and I knew him slightly – we belonged to the same club in New York and I had lunch with him a couple of times there. I've always liked the way his mind works, so I thought I'd like to get a little more insight into that.
Read more about Woods's taste in movies, TV, and music.

Note: Woods recommends one of my favorite films of 2007 because, he says, "I love long speeches by actors, and that [movie] was full of them. I like scripts where the actors talk in complete paragraphs." I intensely dislike long speeches by actors, yet loved the movie.

--Marshal Zeringue