Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bill Cameron's "Lost Dog," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Bill Cameron's Lost Dog.

The author's entry opens:
Way back when I first started writing Lost Dog, I was already visualizing the movie version. As each new character materialized on the page, the casting director in my mind was on the job. The brooding, yet smart-assed form of John Cusack would be Peter. Dennis Farina as crusty Skin Kadash. Gillian Anderson as perky Ruby Jane (yes, I confess to a deep and abiding Scully crush). Jake was a tricky one, and while I never settled on a specific choice, any of the boy toys from Beverly Hills 90210 had the inside track.
A few of these actors have grown too old for the roles, so read on to see which fresh faces Cameron has in mind to now play the characters.

Read an excerpt from Lost Dog and visit Bill Cameron's website where you can view a video trailer for the novel and learn more about his writing.

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My Book, The Movie: Lost Dog.

--Marshal Zeringue