Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Till the Cows Come Home," the movie

Till the Cows Come Home, the first of Judy Clemens's "Stella Crown" mystery series, is the current feature at My Book, The Movie.

Clemens writes:
When Marshal asked me to write a blog about my Stella Crown series, giving thought to what actors I would choose for the movie, I had to laugh. Which one of us authors doesn’t dream of our book hitting the big screen? Or even the little screen, these days. Seems like television gets as much play as theaters anymore.

Till the Cows Come Home, the first book in my series, introduced the protagonist – a twenty-nine year old female dairy farmer and HOG enthusiast. She is edgy, brittle, and somewhat foul-mouthed, but also has more likable traits, such as loyalty, honesty, and a solid work ethic. People have often asked me who I’d cast in her role, and the actresses that come to mind are ones who have dared to play characters with a harder personality.... [read on]
The fourth "Stella Crown" mystery, The Day Will Come, is due out in August.

Visit Judy Clemens's website and her blog, and read excerpts from all four "Stella Crown" mysteries.

--Marshal Zeringue