Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pg. 99: Michael Boylan's "A Just Society"

The current feature at the Page 99 Test: Michael Boylan's A Just Society.

About the book, from the publisher's website:
A Just Society represents a complete account of Boylan's original worldview theory of ethics and social philosophy. The author sets out the foundation and application of the personal worldview imperative (for ethics) and the shared community worldview imperative (for social philosophy). These form the structure for a rights-based deontological theory that is holistic and underscored by an understanding of the good will that incorporates novel depictions of the sincere and authentic agent who displays sympathy, care, openness, and love. In the end, A Just Society strikes a balance between extreme liberalism (libertarianism) and those advocating the rule of the general will (utilitarianism). As such, the book makes an important contribution to ethical and political theory, as well as grounding an original approach to public philosophy.
Among the praise for A Just Society:
"Boylan develops an original, provocative, and interesting socio-political philosophy for a more just society. Boylan loads his philosophy with interesting examples, and his writing style results in very clear and enjoyable reading. Highly recommended."
—M.P. Maller, College of DuPage, CHOICE

"Michael Boylan's A Just Society, like Plato's Republic, canvasses the concept and problems of justice in the individual and society. The combination of big picture perspective, historical background, and contemporary ethical and social policy applications of Boylan's normative worldview approach to the nature of justice make his new book a highly recommended contribution to central issues in moral and political philosophy for students and professionals alike. "
—Dale Jacquette, The Pennsylvania State University

"This is not an ordinary book on what counts as a just person and just society. It is an extraordinary explanation of how a society can transform itself from an unjust society into a just one, and, more importantly, how a chaotic self can become an integrated self able and willing to create and sustain a community. Particularly impressive about Boylan's book is his chapter on public policy, be it at the local, national, or global level. Rarely is an author able to move between theory and practice as adroitly as Boylan. His book is a must to read."
—Rosemarie Tong, Distinguished Professor in Health Care Ethics and director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Read more about A Just Society at the publisher's website.

Michael Boylan is Chair of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at Marymount University. His many other publications include The Extinction of Desire and Basic Ethics.

Boylan recently applied the Page 69 Test to his recent book, The Extinction of Desire: A Tale of Enlightenment, "a novel that seeks to portray a philosophical depiction of the author’s worldview theory."

The Page 99 Test: A Just Society.

--Marshal Zeringue