Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The most overrated books of 2006?

Blogging at the Guardian, John Harris looked at the most overrated and underrated books of the year.

The Road was my favorite book of the year, so it stung me a little to read:
As someone who thought Cormac McCarthy's The Road was all cod-biblical prose and apocalyptic posturing, it was nice to read Tyler Cowen - whoever he is - faint-praising it as "a slightly more earnest version of good genre fiction".
Oh well.
I liked this passage better:
[Of the opinions that] made me briefly irritated...: Duncan Falowell's swashbuckling swipe at a whole array of people and things - Norman Davies, Michel Houellebecq, Alain De Botton, London A-Z, Zadie Smith, The Bible, The Koran and good old Philip Roth - is wrong on at least four counts, five if he really does mean the iconic map-book.
Read Harris' entire post here.
John Harris is the author of three books, including The Dark Side Of The Moon: The Making Of The Pink Floyd Masterpiece (4th Estate, 2005).
--Marshal Zeringue