Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What is Wendie Malick reading?

The actor Wendie Malick--who you may recognize from Frasier, CSI, or her Golden Globe-winning role in Just Shoot Me!--recently talked to the Christian Science Monitor about what she was listening to and viewing for entertainment.

And reading:
Beside scripts? I read the Sunday New York Times Magazine and The Week in Review [section of the paper]. And I try to get through the puzzle. Beyond that, I read The New Yorker, and I have been picking through Thomas Ricks's book, Fiasco [about the Iraq war], which I'm finding fascinating. I want to read Barack Obama's book - The Audacity of Hope is such a great title. I've also been reading On Desire by William Irvine. It's that great question: What is a successful life? Are we, in fact, getting closer to real satisfaction ... or are we on this roller coaster? I loved Joan Didion's last book [The Year of Magical Thinking]. Her language is so gorgeous. I try to stay with her, where I wouldn't with everyone.
Click here to read about what Malick is watching and listening to.

--Marshal Zeringue