Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What is T.C. Boyle reading?

Recently, the Christian Science Monitor asked T.C. Boyle what he has been reading.

I'm on a Nabokov kick. I just read Pale Fire for the second time and now I'm reading Lolita for about the hundredth time. It has to do with the novel that I'm now writing. Nabokov's approach, and his language are very important to me at this juncture--it's like a little fix. Contemporary writers: I just read Orhan Pamuk's Snow, which is the first time I've ever read a Turkish writer. I'm very charmed by it. I also read Arthur & George by Julian Barnes. It does something that I like to do: taking an historical figure and wrapping a story around him--in this case, a true story.
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Boyle's latest novel is Talk Talk. Previous works include The Tortilla Curtain, The Road to Wellville, and Drop City.

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"If I could live to 1,000 years old," Boyle told USA Today, "I still could not catch up with all the books that I want to read right now."

This afternoon, Boyle fielded comments and questions about Talk Talk from participants in a Washington Post online forum: click here to see how that went. And click here for the Washington Post review of Talk Talk.

--Marshal Zeringue