Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What is Francine Prose reading?

I posted an item the other day about Francine Prose's new book as well as two of her novels I've read.

The post linked to an interview with her in The Atlantic.

One question from the interview: "What are you reading these days?"

Prose's answer (on June 28, 2006):
Because I’m reviewing so much I often tend to read books on assignment more than for sheer pleasure, but let me look at my desk and see what’s on it. Okay I’ll just tell you what’s on my desk. The Collected Works of Jane Bowles. A collection of essays by Janet Malcolm. The new book by Daniel Mendelson which I just reviewed called The Lost, about a search for his relatives lost in the holocaust. Huckleberry Finn. A book called Stuart: A Life Backwards, by Alexander Masters, which is a strange and terrific biography of a homeless person. That’s what’s on my desk. It’s a range.
--Marshal Zeringue