Monday, November 27, 2023

Five top books with righteous female rage

Katherine A. Olson has lived all over the place, honing her chameleon skills along the way. She now calls South Korea home with her husband, daughter, shelter dog and cats.

Olson loves matcha lattes, irreverent humor, lacing up her hiking boots, and getting lost in good stories.

Her new novel is Close Enough to Hurt.

At CrimeReads Olson tagged five "books that helped me find the courage to write a book about a woman who’s not afraid to burn it all down." One title on the list:
They Never Learn by Layne Fargo

“Kinnear has never looked at me like this—really looked at me. In all the years I’ve known him, eye contact was always a brief stopover on the way to ogling my tits, my ass. Reducing me to parts. This wild-eyed fear is the closest thing to respect he’s ever paid me.

Too little, far too late.”

Dr. Scarlett Clark, university professor and serial killer, murders the worst of the worst on Gorman University’s campus, ridding the world of men who prey on women. Her next target is someone in her own department and the riskiest one yet. Meanwhile, we also meet Carly, freshman at Gorman, relieved to be free of her emotionally abusive father for the first time in her life. These two storylines converge in the most satisfying, unexpected way and I simply could not put this book down. Fargo’s prose is crisp and incisive, and Dr. Clark is the hero we deserve and the one we need.
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My Book, The Movie: They Never Learn.

--Marshal Zeringue