Thursday, August 31, 2023

Top ten books about solitary living

Daniel Schreiber is the author of Susan Sontag, the first complete biography of the intellectual icon, as well as the highly praised and bestselling German-language literary essays Nüchtern and Zuhause. He lives in Berlin.

Schreiber's newest book is Alone: Reflections on Solitary Living.

At the Guardian he tagged ten top titles about solitary living, including:
Assembly by Natasha Brown

There are different kinds of solitude and also different kinds of loneliness. One of them is what the philosopher Jill Stauffer calls “ethical loneliness”. It’s the feeling of being abandoned by the society we live in and being confronted with its unacknowledged injustices and cruelties. Brown’s minimalist novel quietly dissects what this kind of loneliness does to us. It unhurriedly evokes our long history of oppression and shows the effects it has on the assembling of our identities. It’s a haunting book that culminates in a decision you can’t get out of your head.
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--Marshal Zeringue