Thursday, July 27, 2023

Five top mysteries set in still waters

Alice Blanchard is an award-winning author.

Her latest novel is The Shadow Girls.

At CrimeReads, Blanchard tagged five mysteries involving murderous lakes, including:
Lady in the Lake, by Laura Lippman

Who killed the lady in the lake? The year is 1966, in the city of Baltimore. Flawed main character, Maddie Schwartz, is an unhappy housewife who finally leaves her husband after 20 awful years to find meaning in her life by working for a city newspaper. When a woman is found dead in a city park lake, Maddie attempts to discover who she was and who killed her. As she goes about solving the crime, she puts everyone she loves in danger in this kaleidoscopic historical mystery.
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Lady in the Lake is among Brittany Bunzey's ten books that take you inside their characters’ heads, Kimberly Belle's six novels that show lakes are a perfect setting for a murder mystery, and CrimeReads' ten best crime novels of 2019.

The Page 69 Test: Lady in the Lake.

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