Tuesday, July 11, 2023

12 Yoga Questions with K. Eason

Featured at 12 Yoga Questions: K. Eason — writer, teacher, gamer, knitter.

K. Eason lives with her husband and a trio of disreputable cats in Southern California, where she teaches first-year college students about zombies and food (not at the same time!). Her short fiction has appeared in Cabinet-des-FéesPostcards from Hell: The First Thirteen, Jabberwocky 4, Crossed Genres, Kaleidotrope, Ink: Queer Sci Fi Anthology, and Shapers of Worlds: Volume III. She has written the On the Bones of Gods trilogy, The Thorne Chronicles, and The Weep duology.

When she's not writing or commenting on essays, she's probably playing D&D.

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Learn more about Eason's yoga journey at 12 Yoga Questions and visit her website.

--Marshal Zeringue