Saturday, February 02, 2019

What is Raymond Taras reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Raymond Taras, author of Nationhood, Migration and Global Politics: An Introduction.

His entry begins:
I read Michel Houellebecq for two reasons. One is for the ethnic pecking orders he establishes in his novels. The other is for the pornographic descriptions he provides. Frequently the two go hand-in-hand - he is such a provocateur! I do not read him for his literary genius.

The holy grail for many French writers is Marcel Proust so Houellebecq’s latest shock-value contribution, Sérotonine, seeks to amend his book titles. Replacing In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower (the ornate second of seven volumes of Remembrance of Things Past) is the blunt Donald Trump-like substitution of...[read on]
About Nationhood, Migration and Global Politics, from the publisher:
A new introduction to contemporary nationhood that sets it apart from national identity, nationalism and diversity

Drawing on extensive research in transnationalism and ethnic conflict around the world, Raymond Taras introduces the concepts of nation and nationalism as they now stand in light of major demographic changes brought about by global migration. The result is a framework for understanding the emergence of postmodern nationhood in the era of globalisation and beyond.

Based on rich case studies of immigration worldwide, Taras shows that nationhood occurs when the receiving state negotiates ethnic differences to form a natural bond with immigrants, rather than insisting on blind loyalty to the majority culture. The goal is a broad, value-added society of diverse peoples and successful prevention of criminality, ghettoisation, extremism and even radicalisation through reasonable immigrant integration.
Visit Raymond Taras's website, and learn more about Nationhood, Migration and Global Politics at the publisher's website.

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Writers Read: Raymond Taras.

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