Thursday, November 01, 2018

Eleven top modern classics of conspiracy noir

LitHub crime editor Dwyer Murphy tagged eleven modern classics of conspiracy noir for CrimeReads. One title on the list:
Lou Berney, November Road

The most recent addition to the list and a perfect complement to Ellroy’s vision of the JFK assassination and its aftermath, but instead of spiraling out into more and more intricate webs of conspiracy and geopolitical maneuverings, Berney’s story burrows inward, focusing on one relationship in this strange tumultuous period. November Road begins with a mid-level criminal in New Orleans who finds he’s been made to play an incriminating role in the assassination, which prompts him to go on the lam, where he meets up with another lost soul of a different sort, and the two of them push on across a vivid and fraught American landscape: a conspiracy novel crossed with a road trip novel, which adds up to a particularly potent brand of “chase novel.”
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--Marshal Zeringue